"We love them when you have to leave them!"
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Grooming Services Available at The Woof-Furry:

De-Skunking Shampoo - eliminates skunk odors on dog or cats.
Smelly Pet Shampoo - Eliminates bad odors and leaves pets smelling fresh and clean.
Plum Silky Shampoo - Leaves hair silky smooth, texturizing, and conditions.  It also comes with a
fragrance spray of perfume.
Neem Shampoo- Medicated for relief of ring worm, hotspots, eczema, and dermatitis.  Also
relieves itching due to flea and ticks.
Lav-N-Derm Shampoo - A soothing shampoo that relieves burns, and skin problems.
Derma Treat Shampoo - Soothes skin problems for older dogs, and anti-itching.
Neem Dip - Flea and tick infestations.
Re-Moisturizer - With aloe, hot oil treatments absorbs and adds moisture to extra dry skin and
Nail Trimming
Anal Glands
Teeth Brushing
Gel Plaq Clnz Teeth